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Doctor Google, your nanna`s tips or seeing a physician? When is it time to get professional help, and when can we do without it?
Ignoring worrying symptoms and postponing a doctor`s visit can cause us unnecessary problems, yet we don`t need to see a specialist about every single ailment. Sometimes it makes sense to resort to home methods or over-the-counter drugs, and save yourself some time and nerves (as probably not many people enjoy queuing at a specialist doctor`s office).
Ailments such as short-term pain, nonthreatening injuries, a runny nose or a cold can in most cases be handled on your own. However, you mustn`t forget that protracted symptoms should be a signal to get a check-up at the doctor`s.
On this website, you will learn how to treat the most common ailments yourself and when it is time to see a specialist.